Andrew + Dimi

The lady and The Luchadore

You know those people in your life that can just make you laugh with their brand of humour? Yeah, Dimi is one of them. There's a certain type of greek humour that just comes out. Nothing crass, nothing insulting, it's all in the delivery of anything you say from a morning hello, or eating a specific dish for lunch or just pointing out an observation about each other. There isn't a day that would go past where Dimi and I would cross paths and not get a cackle out of each other. So I thought she was joking when she said she was getting married. That was pretty funny. But she was being serious. Now that was funny.

What is it about weddings that just make you go wow? I mean, I've known Dimi for a while but seeing her all polished up for her special day, just wow. And Andrew, with his awesome luchadore mask, which was banned from attending the ceremony, just looked exquisite.

But between you and me, the best part of the day was the service itself because it was literally across the road from Lamb on Chapel. They were in MY territory. ;)