What Will It Cost?


Weddings are usually an all day event and thus I do not charge an hourly rate for them. A day of shooting will begin at $2300, and from there we factor in the pricing of prints and albums as well. For a more comprehensive price list for a wedding, please contact me and I can send you a PDF with a more detailed breakdown.

Portraits/Family Shoots/Pets

These three categories all come under the umbrella of 'portrait' shoots and usually take 1-2 hours, depending on the amount of people involved and whether a variety of locations are required. At a minimum, a 1 hour shoot will start at $300 and every subsequent hour that is needed will be charged at $150/hr.

Once the shoot is complete, and the images have been processed, you will gain access to a private client login section where you and family members can purchase prints of varying sizes.


Coroprate headshots are a streamlined affair whereby once I have set up I can get through one staff member after another. Given that no prints are involved and digital copies are usually delivered, the pricing starts at $300/hr with a pace of around 20 staff members per hour.

Once the shoot is complete, 2 different shots of each person will be provided as proofs to see if any changes need to be made or if any further editing is necessary. After any changes/corrections are made, the photos will be provided digitally for download.

Photo Restorations

From scanning negatives/slides, to converting DV/Video8/VHS tapes to digital, to restoring old and damaged photos, you've found the right place.

Scanning a roll of 24-36 negatives is $30/roll which includes post editing, clean up, color correction and delivery.

Converting old tapes to digital is $50/tape and you will be provided with a USB with all converted videos.

Photo restorations can take a bit of time and depending on the scale necessary, an hour for each image is not unreasonable. I will take a look at the sample of the photo to determine the scale of the task necessary and whether it could be done, and pricing will range between $50-$100. If agreed, I will do my own high-DPI scan to get the best possible digital reproduction of the image to begin with and then provide a restoration from there. At the end you will receive a digital copy of the image, based on the size of the initial scan; a smaller image will obviously result in a smaller final product.

If this pricing suits your needs, please contact me or make a booking for a wedding, photo session or digital restoration.