Callum + Aliz

The Lady in Red

I often find it hard to write the words to describe something that is just 'meant to be'. When you look back across the years and realise just how obvious it is, you forget the moment when the announcement was so unexpected. I've known Callum and Aliz for over a decade. Working in the same office environment with them all this time, it's all I've ever known their relationship to be.

The wedding was inevitable. How can two people who are so in love with each other, who are in each others presence literally 24 hours a day, who are literally inseparable, not tie the knot and make things official. The pleasure of capturing this special day for them was something I looked forward to ever since they mentioned their intentions and asked me to be there for them.

What a special day this was. Aliz looked wonderful in her stunning red dress and Callum has never looked as dapper. Pay special attention to the appearance of Aliz's grandfather. A dead ringer for Stan Lee.