SIDS And Kids Shoot

When charity knocks, you answer!

Recently I was asked by some good friends to help out with a photoshoot for a lovely cause, SIDS and Kids Australia. They wanted some new promotional material for some web content. There were a few various groups getting together to make this happen and we all met up at Attitude Studios in South Melbourne where 2 adorable children, dressed in white, would play with some red noses whilst I took some snaps.

Now, people have always said that working with children is hard but I'm not seeing it. If you've got the patience and you can work on their level, you can really draw them out and have some real fun, even if the co-ordinator has other ideas about getting through the schedule. What's the point of having a fun shoot without some fun.

I've included some outtakes of the studio and the kids having some fun, before getting to the real pics. You can do your part to by supporting them on their facebook page here: SIDS and Kids NSW and Victoria.

And now onto the results.

I was unfamiliar with the strobes they were using in this studio so it took a bit of fiddling trying to find a balance of lighting the subject but also blowing out the floor and back wall to white. After a bit of clean up in post to get the most out of the shots, I achieved the results below and send them on to a very happy SIDS for Kids group.