Our Privacy Policy

We here at Steve Koukoulas Photography (SKPhotography) firmly believe that your information is private and personal to YOU. To this end we have created this policy so you can understand how your information is used when interacting with this website.

Collection of Information

Any information collected by SKPhotography will be used as follows:

Information provided in our "Contact Us" form will only be used to format an email that is sent to our contact email address. This is to keep our actual email hidden from webcrawlers designed to scrape our web page and search for the information for spam purposes. Your information is sent in an email and not stored anywhere. An IP address may be associated with any log files stored by our web service provider but will not be attached to any information you have provided.
Name and Email details provided at the moment of completing an order for prints will be stored in an encrypted and secured order database for order fulfilment and ONLY for order fulfilment.

Any credit cards used in the order process are handled directly by PayPal, or credit card processor. At no time do we personally ask for your credit card details nor do we store anything of that nature. All orders fulfilled with PayPal have a transaction ID that is sent to us once a credit card is process sucessfully. We use this ID to reconcile our own order information with that provided in Paypals transcation statements. No credit cards or billing details are made available in these statements, nor do we wish to access these.

At no stage will SKPhotography share or sell your information or images to any 3rd parties for any marketing purposes etc. The information is solely for the purpose of order fulfilment.

Disclosure of Information

Client and Event images will be hosted behind a password protected area for families to have access to. These images are NOT available or accessible by the general public at ANY stage. In regards to any School Events, the Group images will not be available as digital prints for the explicit purpose to not allow easy distribution on social media without explicit consent of all parents relating to the students in that image. We cannot explicitly control any parent who has purchased a print of a group of children from scanning and sharing such photos but all parents are made to agree that this will not occur at the moment of ordering.

Storage of Information

All information are stored securely behind a password and encrypted firewall. Only thumbnail images are provided online for vieweing. All digital copies available for purchase are stored offsite and manually handled at order fulfilment. All information and images that are no longer required once an order period is closed are stored in an archival area offsite and never accessed unless explicity requested by a parent/guardian for extreme circumstances.