Chris + Liz

Highschool sweethearts

I've known Liz for a few years. We've been great friends ever since we first started working together. So when Liz and her high school sweetheart decided to tie the knot, they both came to me asking if I could photograph their wedding. I was certainly honoured and it certainly was a privilege to do so.

As a photographer you expect the day to go a certain way, nothing 'exact' but certainly a general direction, but when it comes to whether that is certainly out of your control and when it comes to Melbourne weather you'll have more chance of picking the weekend lotto numbers than guessing which hour of the day will be sunny and which hour it will pour down. Today was a prime example. But it was also a great example of adapting to the conditions and still capturing the day because you can't portray it any other way other than how it happened.

I can't thank Chris and Liz enough for asking me to document their special day. I wish them all the happiness together and for the future and I know in my heart that they will go through every high and low together because the love they have for each other is evident in abundance. I love them both and couldn't be happier for them. May your lives continue to shine and be an example of a true relationship.