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Welcome to Steve Koukoulas Photography. We are slowly updating the site but in the mean time please check out our galleries below.

Henry + Fiona
Like Peaches & Cream
Aaron + Sarah
No Time To Explain
Kaine + Kristina
My Sister got Married
Michael + Zoe
A Hole in One
Tamen + Lynzi
Totally Amazeballs
Thomas + Krizia
A slice of Heaven in Hawthorn
Robbie + Karla
Big Hearts and All Smiles
Dino + Shayne
Let's get this party started
Brendon + Sophie
Maori Elvis and his Burning Love
Darren + Melody
From the Highlands to a Mansion
Joe + Freda
Samoans do 'ave 'em
Sam + Michelle
Greek Coffee and Maltesers
Wayne + Anna
Ambos day off
Lawrence + Lou
All aboard the Loz & Lou Lou Express
Anthony + Emma
Going to the Chapel
Bruce + Pam
Just a couple of giddy teenagers
Adam + Nicky
When Comedy Finds Gold
Chris + Liz
Highschool sweethearts