Michael + Zoe

A Hole in One

Any time a younger sibling gets married, it's always a proud moment for everyone. And so it was when I heard about Michael and Zoe's impending nuptials. I've known Zoe's older sister, Steph, for quite a while. More specifically, I became close friends with her husband Krystian a fair few years back.

Circumstances meant that I could not attend Krystian and Steph's wedding, for the simple fact that I received their invite only a few days after I was confirmed to shoot another wedding (Chris and Liz) on the exact same day. It was bittersweet but we did exchange stories later about how dreadful the weather was that day for both of us. But I've since made a habit of capturing important milestones in their extended family's lives, be it weddings or 90th birthdays.

Which leads us to Michael and Zoe. These two are just the loveliest of couples. In all the time I had known Steph, I had only ever met her sister once at a family gathering and back then no discussion about marriage was taking place. So fast forward to a few years later and here is Zoe and Michael, sitting in a local Chocolatier and chatting with me about their wedding day.

This was going to be a fun, and loud, day, what with Michael's Maltese background (they know how to talk and to talk loud) and Zoe's extended Greek family (they know how to dance and to dance proud). Couple that with a bridal party that just wanted to kick their shoes off and go crazy on the golf course and you've got a recipe for a memorable day.