Henry + Fiona

Like Peaches & Cream

To this day, Fiona is the happiest bride I've had the pleasure of working with. From our very first meeting her exuberance was addictive and soon I too couldn't wait for her special day. I caught myself at one point thinking about the wedding as a guest and not a photographer, I was that caught up in Fiona's excitement.

I was only going to be shooting for a few hours. I would meet Henry and Fiona at their home, we'd then head over to South Melbourne to meet up with all her sisters who had flown over for the special day. Finally it was on to the ceremony in Port Melbourne hosted by the one and only Greg Evans followed by a late afternoon lunch which is where I finished up.

Enjoy the photos below and let yourself be caught up in the rays of sunshine and happiness that Fiona cast throughout this memorable, and windy, day.