Tamen + Lynzi

Totally Amazeballs

When you've worked together with someone for over a decade you can think that you get a sense of the real them. It wasn't until Tamen pulled me aside to discuss his wedding plans, and we chatted about venues and photography and idea that I was beginning to get a better picture of this amazing guy. Here was a man who had his heart set on marrying the girl he loved and all he wanted to do was to be sure that he was doing everything right by her for her wedding day, to make sure that she was as happy as she could possibly be. Yup, I saw a new Tamen from that point on.

And then we have Lynzi, a young Irish girl who moved over to Australia a few years back, but still has that lovely Irish accent that you just can't get enough of. Her passion for style, healthy eating and fitness explains a lot of why I would see Tamen constantly running during his lunch breaks at work. That's not for me, not unless someone was chasing me.

Knowing that most of her side of the family was coming over from Ireland for this wedding, it was only going to get more entertaining from there. A wedding day spent at the beautiful Trofeo Estate in Dromana was always going to end with some wonderful imagery of their special day.