Kaine + Kristina

My Sister got Married

Has it really been 10 years?

My sister was married in Feb of 2011. The year and a bit prior to that had been tough on all of us beginning with the death of our father in late 2009. His passing was tough to bear in and of itself but the timing of it all added to the hurt when the birth of my niece, his first grandchild, would occur a mere month later and my own wedding a month or so after that.

My sister took it hard and I remember how her tears flowed in the hospital and the pent up emotion that sprung forth. It was going to take time for her to mourn and it took nearly a year later for her to announce her engagement to her long time boyfriend at the time.

Come the wedding day, she knew that her dad wasn't going to walk her down the aisle, something I can only presume most daughters would hope their fathers would and could do. Being the older brother, I offered to be there for her but she was happy for our mum to do so and I was fine with that. Besides, I was so honoured to capture the day for her.

The wedding was a simple affair and both Kaine and Kristina wanted it that way. their choice of getting married at the Collingwood Children's farm and then walking next door to Abbotsford Convent for a small reception in the local cafe was perfect for them both.

It has taken me this long to share the wedding because it was so personal to us at the time but I feel the time is right to do so now.

That day really was a great day, for Kaine and Kristina, for our family, and for our extended families too. Our dad was missed but he was there in spirit, on the lips of people reminiscing about his life, how he would have enjoyed the day and all the little 'dad' things that he would inevitably do on such occasions.

It was so good to see my sister smiling, my mum smiling, my family smiling.

Has it really been 10 years?