Fox Footy 2013 AFL

It's not easy being Green Screened

Back in early 2013 I was asked by my good friend Jason Felmingham to come into Foxy Footy and help out with some green screen shooting. The purpose of these shoots were to get some player stat cards that would be used on the intros to each of the games being broadcast on the Fox Footy channel. We were shooting video against the green screen to get some Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man rotating shots as well as simple walks onto the screens etc. The stills we were shooting were for the simpler team layouts and the like as well as some promotional images to be used by the AFL.

Jase called me in to help him out on two specific days where he wasn't available. I spent most of the day with the Richmond team as well as another quick half day with some of the players from Fremantle. As intense athletes as they are, the guys are fun to work with and some really have a ball with it. I'm looking at you Trent Cotchin.