Thomas + Krizia

A slice of Heaven in Hawthorn

Hawthorn. My old stomping ground. I was living in a piddly one bedroom apartment whilst I was surrounded by gorgeous mansions. I haven't been back there for years and here I am, in a mansion now decked out for formal occasions, with a bunch of awesome girls from a Krizia's lovely family getting their A-game on.

Thomas on the other hand is just one of the boys, relaxing in his humble abode with his posse, drinking beers and reminiscing the years. He's so relaxed that a pair of scissors is enough to adjust his tie length. Don't tell Krizia I shared that, she'll kill me and decapitate him. In all honesty though, Thomas & Krizia are just too darn lovely. They made me feel such a part of their family and it was a pleasure to be a part of their special day.

As with all weddings, I get to know the participants so much more throughout the day and it's fair to say that we've become good friends since that perfect day. So I now present to you the lovely photos I captured from a small bungalow in Hawthorn.

"Oh my god... AMAZING!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH!!! The pretty CD case, the image of us having a smooch inside, the amazing pictures! We have been blown away!

You have done such a wonderful job capturing our day and we can't thank you enough! The photos bring us right back to that day and how special it was for us!

We can't wait to share these with everyone and it will be so hard to pick which ones to print!

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! :)"
- Kritz & Tom