Aaron + Sarah

No Time To Explain

It all started with a Nokia 7210.

I met Simon, Sarah's dad, back in 2005 in an online car forum that we both frequented. I had asked if someone could help repair my phone in the off chance that there would be a person knowledgable in cars also being knowledgable in electronics. What are the odds, right? He responded and he was local and it wasn't long after that I was at Simon's house, with a newly repaired phone enjoying a coffee and meeting Simon's wife and two lovely little girls.

I wasn't doing much in terms of photography back then, let alone shooting weddings of any sort. It was mainly my passion for cars that fuelled a desire to upgrade from a simple point and shoot to a DSLR of sorts. I wasn't at any point thinking about doing photography professionally and nor did it even occur to me that one day I'd be the photographer at his daughter's wedding.

But here we are now, over a decade later and this little girl was all grown up and asking me to capture her wedding day. What an honour and privilege to do so.

That was the day I met Aaron. Some say it was Destiny!