Senior Portraits

Ageing like fine wines

Over the past few years I've wanted to delve more into the family and portrait side of photography. It was probably triggered by going through a lot of old family photos and realising that my parents had some nice portraits done when they were just newlyweds but nothing since. Sure we had collections of photos from holidays and special occasions in our lives but nothing that captured my parents at any specific milestones of their own lives.

When my father passed away over a decade ago now, I looked at the photos of him I hold dear and would feel a tinge of sadness that I didn't have something more 'professional' of him. I wasn't at the level of photography I am now to have been able to capture that kind of portrait of him and it is somewhat a regret that it was never done. When it's too late, it really is too late.

Recently I'd see friends and acquaintances posting general photos of their parents and grandparents and I would think to myself, "Wow, what a character that person is. I'd love to take a portrait of them". It was just a passing thought and I didn't think more of it until some time down the track when I'd hear the news about that person passing. It would just bring up that regret of mine again.

It has only been during these COVID lockdowns that I've had this urge to start doing these 'senior' portraits and helping others to capture a special moment of their loved ones. And why not? They're not models, they're not celebrities, but they are special, they are precious, they have their own story to tell especially to the family that loves them. If I can provide them with something dramatic they can hang on their wall, that when they walk by will make them stop and reminisce about their precious moments and memories, then indeed why not?

Meet Dave

Meet John

Meet Frank & Pam

Meet Karl

I took this portrait of Karl up in White Cliffs, NSW. It was a cool 45 degree day which explains his attire. At the time he was in his 80s and I found out a few years later that he had passed away and was honoured to hear that my portrait was used at his funeral. So much character, in his eyes, in his face and in his personality.