Dino + Shayne

Let's get this party started

I've got a few Filipino friends and they always talk about how big their family gatherings are. I mentioned that I was going to shoot a Filipino wedding and the verdict was "Be prepared for a big fun day" and they weren't wrong. This wedding was a blast, particularly when the music got started.

Dino and Shayne contacted me about shooting their wedding and I had a few meetings with Dino to iron out the details. He seemed like a quite reserved young man which made me wonder about his heritage and whether he would live up to all the rumours I'd been hearing. Then one meeting I met Shayne and soon realised that she brings out the best of him. She's a ball of fun.

Come the wedding day it was all quiet and reserved Dino all over again but when Shayne entered the church, when the ceremony was over and when the party really started, did the true Filipino fun begin. And it didn't stop.

I had the best Barramundi meal I've ever experienced, period. Sadly, there was no karaoke. ;)