Wayne + Anna

Ambos day off

It's a beautiful sunny day in Barwon Heads where Wayne & Anna, two lovely Ambos, are about to tie the knot. I've known Anna just a short while and had done some promotional photography for her band "Charlie Officer" a while back so when the opportunity arose to photograph their wedding I was ready and eager.

I don't mind driving to my weddings when they are a few hours away. It gives me a chance to watch the weather rolling in over the horizon and gives me a nice heads up as to what expect. This one was going to be a bright and sunny affair.

I always make an effort to build up a rapport with the celebrant. It helps me understand their boundaries and it helps ease any nervous that either of us may be having. Anyone who says they are not nervous working at a wedding is either lying or doesn't really appreciate the importance of the day. With me, the nervousness stems from trying to get the right shot in a pressure environment. I thrive in it once I get going but to get them settled up front is a big help.

I love a big, happy smile on a father giving away their daughter. You can't fake this. You can't pose this. And to capture it is what I aim for.

As I mentioned earlier, this gig was going to be bright but you have to make do with your scenario. Shooting with available light is what I like most, and trust me, there was a lot available today.

Lots of light goes well with lots of colour and the bridesmaids had it in abundance.

One thing you cannot stage is the rings to go missing. I had seen them sitting down the back of the room and wondered that they may have already taken the rings out. When it came to light that the best man truly didn't know where he'd left them, it was a guest who came to the rescue.

The first kiss. Sure you've kissed before and you will kiss after but the one right after you've married your true love is the sweetest of all. Those who have experienced it know what I mean.

First steps first, let's make this official before...

... we let the festivities begin.

You get a point in your life when you can just sit back and enjoy everything going on around you. We need to do this much earlier in life. Grandpa has the right idea.

Travelling from another country can be too much. Jet lag affects us all.

Timelapse photography at a wedding? And why not.

On the dance floor, it's where magic happens, depending on your footware and your appetite for edible clothing.

iPhone photography, it's a craze. Photographing an iPhone, it's an art.

Wayne & Anna, thank you for letting me be your photographer on your special day. It's was an absolute pleasure to capture this day for you, meeting your family and friends and bumping into some of my own family in the process. I pray you have a wonderful life together filled with the same happiness and joy you experienced on this special day.

Much love,
Steve Koukoulas