A Mother's Day Classic

Even Superheroes Wear Pink

Cameron Jenkins reminded me that it had been 10 years since we last worked together. A lot has changed in that decade. Cam is still in the IT sector but I jumped ship out of that industry a few years ago to pursue my passion. Apart from his family and kids, Cam has his own passion for bringing awareness to Breast Cancer research.

When I asked him why, his answer was simple and heartfelt, "My Mother in Law". Cameron's wife Leisa, who was busy bleaching his hair, began to tell me the story of her mother's journey battling various forms of cancer over the years, from breast cancer which she overcame to finally succumbing to a second bout of cancer in the rest of her body last decade.

It was at this point in their lives where Cameron wanted to both pay tribute to his inspirational mother in law by being an inspiration to his wife and two kids. The best way he felt to bring awareness to the cause was to participate in the Mother's Day Classic run, but more specifically, to dye his magnificent afro of a hair-do bright pink. He's been doing this for a few years now and he is getting noticed being in the spotlight of news highlights during last year's run. With hair like this, you'd be hard pressed to go un-noticed, even without that vibrant pink.

"Do you get many comments about the hair?" I asked him. "Yeah, people seem to think it's a wig I'm wearing" he says whilst breathing through a straw, as his wife begins to apply the bleach to his moustache. I can assure you, that hair is very real, it's very full and it's very pink.

It was an honour to sit with Cameron and his family whilst he went through his transformation into the Pink Fro-mingo, that's what my sister called him when I showed her some sample shots. To listen to their stories and what they've experienced in the past decade, and to what lies ahead for them in the future including packing up and moving to the Gold Coast for a lifestyle change was simply inspirational.

There's still plenty of time to contribute and donate to this wonderful cause and you can do so by clicking the link below. 

Support Cameron and Breast Cancer Research in the Mother's Day Classic

And another year done!!!

Well done Cameron!!!