Windows in Time

I've been a lover of portrait photography for a long time. Framing a subject in my viewfinder gives me an insight to the subject as I narrow my focus to a more intimate window. There is something both personal and powerful in a portrait and if I can draw your eye to what I'm seeing during a shoot, I've succeeded. And a portrait has no respect for age or subject.

There is personality in everything.

If you're interested in any portraits, please feel free to contact me to discuss what you are after.

Young Ones

Kids are brilliant. Their character is raw but refined and when you can gel with what makes them tick you can bring out some really beautiful portraits. Caleb here enjoyed the camera and literally strutted his way around the studio dictating the photos that he wanted. He's a natural and it shows.

Aldous was much the same. When I had the opportunity to spend time with him whilst his sister was away at school, he was free to be himself and just play with the camera. He wanted to pull faces, like all kids do, and that's what we captured. Keeping things as natural and comfortable as possible produces results.


We all know about family portraits but I certainly believe that I provide something different for my clients. Whether it's at home relaxing in their favourite room or on location at one of our many lovely settings, we always work together to capture everything that makes your family so unique.

Corporate Head Shots

Studio shots can be so clinical, but with a few lighting tweaks and a splash of colour you can turn a regular headshot into something a little more interesting. Do you need shots for your LinkedIn profile, for your corporate team or just something fresh for yourself. Just ask Sam, he thoroughly enjoyed his quick-fire shoot to freshen up his corporate profile when he moved to Australia looking for work. And it did work.


Meet Karl, I met him a fews years back in country NSW at an opal mine in a lovely place called White Cliffs. What a character. You can see it all in his face. It shows that he's seen a lot in his lifetime. Sadly I found out that Karl passed away recently and it was an honour to hear that they used my portrait of him during his funeral. This was Karl.

Meet Dave, another larrikin who I really wanted to photograph. Because of both our schedules it took us a few weeks to tee up a shoot in my portable studio and the first image I wanted to get was this profile shot and we nailed it within 2 shots. When you have an idea and you execute it as you both expected, it's a great feeling. From there we just enjoyed the session with a mix of colour, B&W and gelled imagery.

Beloved Pets

You love your pets right? I love mine too. Having some special photos of them is a must, am I right?! I think I am. Meet Inka, Summer and Kunya. Even with cats who can be a handful, they can still be 'persuaded' to sit pretty for their human parents and blown up large prints hung on the wall are very impressive.

We'd love to hear from you in regards to your portraits so please contact us and we can arrange all the information you need.